MFA program week 1: 10 things I learned.

Dead tired. Thank you Jesus it’s Friday.


(P.S. It’s also national dog day!)

School started off with a bang this week, and I have my first short story (or maybe it is the beginning of a novel?) due on Tuesday. Plus I have deadlines on my reading schedule again. First up, Madame Bovary (translated by Lydia Davis). Anyone read this already?

All in all, I learned a lot this week. But here are 9 of the most important things from the week’s adventures:

  1. If an SF Muni route says it runs 24 hours, don’t trust it. It might only run 24 hours at 5 of the 25 stops it usually lands at. You will end up walking a mile through the tenderloin at 10:30pm. Do your research. Trust google maps. Forward, ho.
  2. The MFA snob is a real thing. They will try to one up you by telling you they read all of Infinite Jest rather than just the first 15 pages.
  3. But luckily there are more cool people than uncool people.
  4. Because writers tend to be on the more reclusive side, they won’t hold it against you for not keeping up with the 24-hour small talk and they won’t think you are stupid for standing by yourself at a mixer. It’s all good.
  5. Writer’s are just as weird as you imagined. They get even weirder when you get a bunch of them in a room together talking about books and the narcissistic main characters of the current novels they are working on.
  6. Having an understanding, reasonable boss makes all the difference in the world when you decide to go back to school and work full time.
  7. Sleep is important.
  8. Learned about this jewel of a parody twitter account:


9. The best writers are the ones who can learn from their failures, because there will be a lot of those.

10. I belong here.

Have a great weekend ya’ll.


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