About Me


Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, Sacramento, CA

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” – Albert Camus

Welcome. This is a safe space. noun_170

Originating from Sacramento, California, I received my undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University where I studied English and minored in Ethnic Studies. While in the South Bay I solidified my love for my home state of California (all parts, not just the shiny cities that everyone writes about), Women of Color authors (Sandra Cisneros, Leslie Marmon Silko, Jhumpa Lahiri, etc.) and issues of race, class, religion and gender.

With an English degree in hand and no positive job outlooks, I began an ambitious goal of reading one book a week and reviewing each book as I finished it. I was halfway successful. After 26 book reviews, I moved back to my hometown for work. As the self-declared “Farm to Fork Capital of the World” I decided to explore my foodie side while in the capital of California: I enrolled in a Food Theory class at a local community college. After realizing that being a line chef was not my calling in life, I fell back on writing and reading. Except now I love to read and write about cookbooks and food, too. I am currently looking to start a “Cookbook Club” – imagined as a hybrid between a book club and cooking club – with anyone in the Bay Area who might be interested.  The best way to reach me is by email or Twitter.noun_170

Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA

I now live in Berkeley, California and work in advertising. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts in Writing program at University of San Francisco.




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